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Are financial worries and complexities overshadowing your creative journey? Transform stress into success with The Financial Remedy. Say goodbye to uncertain taxes, disorganized finances, and limited growth. Embrace financial clarity, pay yourself more, and secure your future as a thriving content or course creator.

Pay Yourself More

Unlock your true earning potential with strategic financial planning. We empower you to prioritize yourself and your growth, ensuring you take home more of what you’ve earned.

Erase Financial Stress

We’re here to streamline your finances and leave you free to do what you love. It’s time to erase your financial stress, embrace creativity, and thrive with our specialized CFO services. 

Secure Future

Craft a personalized financial roadmap for tomorrow that builds a solid foundation for a financially abundant future and provides certainty that you’re on the right path with your finances.

Begin the Journey Towards Financial Freedom

With Our Proven Process

Step One:

Choose Your Pathway

Professional Bookkeeping for businesses and CFO solutions for online creatives.

Step Two:

Declutter Your Finances

Diagnose, clean up, and remove unnecessary expenses and processes to start on the path to clarity.

Step Three:

Systemize Your Accounts

Create room for growth and increased pay. Benefit from Profit First-like results without the rigidity.

Step Four:

Monitor & Maintain

Transition from monthly to weekly reporting, meeting your CFO to strategize future steps and make the most of your profits.

Bridging Financial Expertise &

Support Without Judgment

Erinn’s journey from a math teacher to CEO was driven by personal experiences. Raised in an entrepreneurial family, she understood the struggles. Inspired by the desire to empower others, she established The Financial Remedy. Erinn’s love for numbers, guided by influential figures like Dave Ramsey, led her to combine financial expertise with a compassionate approach, making her the go-to financial healer for content and course creators.

Amplify Your Impact and Income with Our Tailored Financial Solutions

Unlock your creative potential while our team takes care of your finances. Let us be your financial healer, guiding you towards growth, stability, and the freedom to create.

Client Testimonials

Julia Taylor

“Erinn has been an essential partner in our mission to empower women through community-driven skills training. Her unwavering commitment, financial expertise, and deep understanding of our goals have provided us with a profound sense of trust and peace of mind.”

Stephanie Dove Blake

“I just have to take a moment to express my immense gratitude and admiration for Erinn Harris and her incredible team at The Financial Remedy. Working with them has been nothing short of a breeze; they’ve made every step of the financial management process utterly seamless and stress-free.”