About US

Erinn Harris, the CEO of The Financial Remedy LLC, understands firsthand the financial challenges faced by content and course creators. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, she witnessed the stress and uncertainty her parents experienced during tax season and the constant struggle for financial stability. Determined to avoid the same pitfalls, Erinn initially sought the security of traditional employment. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered her passion for financial education and empowerment.

Solutions Today. Growth Tomorrow.

As a former math teacher, Erinn’s love for numbers led her to delve into the world of personal finance. Guided by influential figures like Dave Ramsey, she became well-versed in budgeting and financial management. After several years in teaching, she realized there was more she could do to make a difference. Inspired by her own experiences and the desire to help others, she took a leap of faith and established The Financial Remedy LLC.

At The Financial Remedy LLC, Erinn and her team offer specialized bookkeeping and executive CFO services tailored specifically to the needs of content and course creators. With a profound understanding of the industry and the complexities involved in managing multiple revenue streams and tax obligations, Erinn is uniquely positioned to guide her clients towards financial success. By combining her expertise in finance with her firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by content and course creators, she empowers her clients to take control of their finances and unlock their true earning potential.

Our Mission

The mission of The Financial Remedy LLC is to empower business owners and online creators to achieve financial freedom, reduce their financial stress, and unlock their true earning potential.

The Financial Remedy LLC aims to be the guiding force that helps clients pay themselves more, create a solid financial plan for the future, and experience the relief and confidence that comes from effective financial management.

At The Financial Remedy LLC, we believe that business owners and online creators deserve financial peace of mind and the opportunity to thrive in their creative pursuits. As your financial healer, we offer specialized CFO services and personalized financial planning that helps you pay yourself more, create a comprehensive financial plan for the future, and alleviate the burden of financial stress.

Our remedies go beyond traditional financial services, providing you with expert guidance, innovative strategies, and the support you need to achieve true financial well-being.

Partner with us, and experience the transformation that comes from having a trusted CFO by your side.